Sales Policy

If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit from Martin Rabbitry, we would appreciate it if you would review the following information for a smooth sales process.

Available rabbits are priced according to quality and my opinion of their show potential. Please note I cannot guarantee rabbit’s show success. Pricing starts at $75.00 for pet/companion rabbits, and $150.00 for brood/potential show quality rabbits (prices may be higher or lower depending on circumstances).

Holding/Sales Pending:
If you are interested in a particular rabbit, but unsure or unable to make a direct purchase and take on ownership, you have the option to reserve that rabbit from being purchased from other interested parties. In order to reserve a rabbit, I need to receive a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the rabbit’s sales price. I will hold a rabbit with a deposit for a maximum of fourteen days, unless prior agreements have been made. If the rabbit(s) have not been picked up and paid for in full by that time, the rabbit will once again be announced as available to the public.

Method of Payment:
Martin Rabbitry currently accepts cash and money orders only. Please come with exact amount due, as I may not always have change. Sorry for any inconveniences, but we are not accepting checks at this time.

General Policies:
•If you are interested in a rabbit, or placing a deposit on one, a date and time of day needs to be scheduled and met for pick up (please give me advanced notice if a different time needs to be arranged).
•Considering we are dealing with live animals, I am able to refuse or cancel a sale at anytime, for any reason. In the event that I do cancel a sale, any received deposits will be refunded.
•I will not sell rabbits to anyone under the age of 18, without a parent or guardian present and fully aware during the exchange.
•I do not sell rabbits under the age of 8 weeks, as a responsible breeder. Please note that it is illegal to sell rabbits under the age of 8 weeks.
•Available rabbits are healthy to the best of my knowledge. If a rabbit appears ill or unhealthy to me, I will make it known, and postpone availability until the animal is recovered. Martin Rabbitry is not responsible for the health of the animal once it has left our care and the sale has been made.
•I do not except returns or refund payment for any rabbit, once the exchange has been made.
•I do not offer pedigrees to pet homes.
•I am always willing to offer advice and provide any helpful information I can, before the rabbit has been adopted out. Anything I cannot help you with, I will do my best to point you in the right direction, or direct you to someone who can. After your adoption with us, I will reference you to do your own research or contact a veterinarian for additional support.

Rabbit Transportation and Pick Up Information:
At this time shipping is not available. I am more than happy to meet at shows I am attending, or at my place of residence for pick up. Please be sure to look up the traveling distance so you can make proper arrangements- Martin Rabbitry is located in Henderson, CO 8064

Thank you for your interest!
~Leif and Emily of Martin Rabbitry.