Our Rabbitry

Welcome to our rabbitry! We have been raising show rabbits since the year 2007, specializing in the Netherland Dwarf breed. Throughout the years we have been able to figure out what works best for our rabbits from their nutrition, to their housing. We love the custom rabbit hutches we designed and built ourselves- made with our rabbit’s comfort in mind! Big thanks to Doug and his woodshop for helping make our dream hutches so perfect!

You can see attached to the rabbitry, we have a large enclosed pen for our rabbits to run around in. Rabbits are rotated every two hours or so, this way every rabbit in our rabbitry gets a chance to get some exercise and play. Big thanks to our volunteer kids who help out with this! Our volunteer “Bunny Cuddlers” are an essential part of our rabbitry. They make sure all our sweet bunnies get lots of handling as soon as they open their eyes. This is way they are total love bugs for new pet owners, as well as more manageable for us and on the show table, for the rabbits we keep to improve our herd.

Our hutches are made out of a variety of lumber, with wooden floors and kiln dried pine shavings as bedding. We find our rabbits are much happier in the wood hutches instead of the wire cages most rabbit breeders use in their rabbitries. Each rabbit has their own compartment, with covered sides, making them feel safer with more privacy. They are also much more comfortable for their feet to be on the soft pine shavings, verses wire floor, which is standard in commercial rabbitries. This set up is perfect for our expecting does, our risk of losing babies that manage to get out of the nest is much lower, since the hutches are plenty warm.

All together we have just over 50 cages, a smaller rabbitry compared to some, but the perfect size for us to keep only the highest quality of our breed. Over 90% of our Netherland Dwarfs come from incredible import lines, tracing back to some of Germany and Hollands finest Netherland Dwarf breeders. Only the best of the best in our rabbitry! We love this breed, and love the chance to perfect the color varieties we love, such as: chocolate, blue, lilac, and all broken colors, just to name a few!

We have a really nice fan to “change the air” twice daily. By pushing out old air in the shed and pulling in fresh air from outside, through another open window, we can achieve the perfect air quality. Keeping the air fresh and clean is so important for us and our rabbit’s health and wellbeing.

More photos of our rabbits in the rabbitry!